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Audio Engineer

Reese Howard

Reese is a talented engineer and artist who graduated (Magna cum laude) from The Art Institute of Atlanta, with a bachelor’s degree in Audio Production. Making and producing music has been a passion and pleasure of his since the young age of 10. Reese has been professionally engineering for six years, but has been writing, engineering, and recording music with family and friends for over 15 years. He has a love for music, which gives him a good ear for sound and quality. He has worked with up and coming artist like YSL Collistackz, Mdf Tre, The Konvalesent, and other artist on projects to help them perfect their craft and sound. He is skilled in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and FL Studio. Come on in and work with Reese on your next recording, mixing, or mastering project, he will make sure it's to your quality and sound!


Audio Engineer

Nick Mills


NIZDADON started producing beats along with his Uncle in the 6th grade, in which he stayed working on it every day and never gave up on it. Around the times when he was in high school, he knew what he wanted to Pursue in college and that was audio production at The Art Institute of Atlanta. While in college his first accomplishment, beat placement, was a song called “RUN WIT IT “ by a female artist named Rocky Badd out of Detroit Michigan. The song was put out on September 16, 2016, along with a video on YouTube. After that song everything began to change immediately he started making more songs with her and got a couple of placements on 3 different mixtapes along with videos on YouTube. His clientele for the beats started growing as well. Same time all this is still going on he took interest in engineering, it all started to fall in place because he had friends that wanted to rap and he had his home studio equipment. This helped him learn a lot of things amongst the industry which he practiced a lot along of things including the things he learned in college. While in school he continued to enhance his engineering and beat producing ablilty regarding other obstacles. All in all, he continues to produce beats and engineers for people that enjoy making music. Here is a list of artists he enjoyed working with ROCKY BADD, KTG KIRKLAND, LEXX NOVA, PREMO, YSL COOLISTACKZ, MAURI COREY, DBE YOUNG BUIL, SADA BABY, PACKTAVIST, QUANDO RONDO, GOOEY MONTANA, JOHNNY CINCO AND MORE! 

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